Relaxation for the Real World

Compact Disk/Audiotape & Manual

Relaxation for the Real World is based on the method described in the book Taking Control. The programme is designed so that when the short training period is completed, it will be possible to significantly reduce tension in real life situations, even when with other people or carrying out day-to-day tasks. It consists of a professionally-prepared compact disk or audiotape with an instruction manual explaining how to learn the procedure and apply it to everyday life.

The method involves a three-stage process which will train you to relax in the situations where tension and anxiety tend to occur. Once the training period (about 3 weeks) is completed, you will no longer need to use the recording to let go of tension, and will be able to relax while still carrying out everyday tasks. The method has been used successfully by the author for over twenty years with hundreds of clients.

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Vers 06-04-2015