Coping with Earthquakes
A collection of resources for
the general public

From our contacts with people in Canterbury, it appears that Christchurch residents are reacting to the earthquake as we would have expected; that is, they are, generally, taking it in their stride. Some, though, would have been already vulnerable prior to the earthquake, which acted as a triggering event for an increase in their anxiety. This page contains a list of resources that might be helpful.

Adults & general

The New Zealand Psychological Society has put together a detailed self-help article which is available from their website at:

Children & Adolescents

Coping with disaster also from the Crisis Psychology Center, is a self-help leaflet for children:

Supporting children after the earthquake is available from Relationship Services:

Skate through the Quake - a great new resource for young people:
Located on this site (by kind permission of author Nikki Coleman) - click here