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Relaxation for the Real World
Compact Disk/Audiotape & Manual

 Please print out and complete this order form, then:
 - post if paying by cheque
 - post or fax if paying by credit card
 - post or fax or e-mail as attachment if paying by direct bank credit.

TO: Rational Training Resources                              Fax:      64-6-870 9964 (international)
       PO Box 2292                                                                  (06) 870 9964 (within New Zealand)
       Stortford Lodge                                                  E-mail:
       New Zealand

Please send me the Relaxation for the Real World recording and instruction manual:

Cassette tape ____ copies / Compact disk ____ copies @ $NZ 55.00 each. Total $ __________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Postal Address: _________________________________________________________________



E-mail: ________________________________________________________________
NB: an e-mail address is preferable in case we need to check anything with you (required for orders from outside New Zealand). We will not use your e-mail for any other purpose after your order is completed):

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 I enclose cheque (NZ banks only) / bank draft (if out of NZ) for $NZ _____________
 I have credited $NZ ____________ to Rational Training Resources bank account
       (A/c no: 060738-0070427-00) on ........ / ........ / ........                                     
 Please charge my credit card as follows:     VISA / MASTERCARD (circle).

       Card No: __ __ __ __  /  __ __ __ __  /  __ __ __ __  /  __ __ __ __    Expiry Date:  __ __ /__ __

       Name on Card (block letters): ___________________________  Amount: $NZ _____________

       Country in which card issued: _____________________________________________________

       Name of cardholder's bank: ______________________________________________________

       Cardholders Signature:  ___________________________________    Date: ________________

New Zealand residents: cost is post free & includes GST.
Non-NZ residents:
cost includes post and packaging.
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